Best LLC Filing Services

The Best LLC Filing Services According to Reddit

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a significant step for any business owner, providing advantages such as limited liability protection and potential tax benefits.

While some people opt to file the paperwork themselves, many turn to online LLC filing services for ease and peace of mind.

Reddit, with its vast user community, serves as a valuable resource for reviews and advice on the best LLC filing services. Here is a detailed look at the top LLC filing services, according to Reddit users.


What Reddit Says: Users praise ZenBusiness for its affordability and user-friendly interface. The customer service also gets high marks for responsiveness.

Our Take: ZenBusiness is cost-effective, starting at $49 plus state fees. Their basic package includes the essentials like filing Articles of Organization and providing a registered agent. Given its comprehensive yet affordable service, ZenBusiness appears to be a strong contender for most small businesses.


What Reddit Says: LegalZoom is one of the most widely recognized names in online legal services, but Reddit reviews are mixed. While some users appreciate the brand’s trustworthiness, others find their pricing to be on the higher side.

Our Take: LegalZoom is a reputable service but is often more expensive, with packages starting at $79 excluding state fees. It’s worth considering if you value a well-established brand and are willing to pay a premium for it.


What Reddit Says: Incfile gets attention for its free basic LLC filing service where you only pay the state fees. However, some Reddit users have mentioned experiencing upsells and unexpected fees.

Our Take: Incfile’s free offer is attractive but can come with additional costs down the line. However, it does include a year of free registered agent service, which could save money in the first year.

Rocket Lawyer

What Reddit Says: Reddit users find Rocket Lawyer to be efficient and reliable. The platform offers more than just LLC filing, extending into other legal services, which can be a plus for businesses looking for one-stop solutions.

Our Take: Rocket Lawyer is versatile but can be expensive for those only interested in LLC formation. However, their customer service and broader legal service offerings make them a convenient choice for businesses with diverse legal needs.

Northwest Registered Agent

What Reddit Says: This service is highly recommended for those who are looking for excellent customer service. Users appreciate the company’s in-depth guidance.

Our Take: Northwest Registered Agent is pricier than other options, starting at $225 plus state fees, but the level of customer service could make the extra cost worthwhile, especially for those new to the LLC formation process.


The best LLC filing service for you depends on what you prioritize—be it cost, customer service, or additional legal offerings.

According to Reddit, all the services mentioned have their merits and shortcomings, making it essential for you to evaluate each one based on your business’s unique requirements.

Before making a decision, it may also be beneficial to consult with legal and financial advisors to ensure that forming an LLC is the right move for you, and that you’re choosing a filing service that meets all your needs.

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40 FAQs on Best LLC Filing Services According to Reddit

1. What is an LLC?

Answer: An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a legal business structure that provides limited liability protection to its owners, known as members.

2. Why do people use Reddit to find the best LLC filing service?

Answer: Reddit is a community-driven platform where real users share their experiences, making it a reliable source for unbiased reviews and recommendations.

3. How reliable are Reddit recommendations for LLC filing services?

Answer: Reddit recommendations tend to be quite reliable, but it’s always good to cross-reference information from multiple sources.

4. What is ZenBusiness?

Answer: ZenBusiness is an online service that helps in the formation of LLCs and corporations. It is known for its affordable pricing and ease of use.

5. Is LegalZoom a reputable service for LLC filing?

Answer: LegalZoom is a well-known service in the legal industry, but opinions on its value for money vary.

6. How does Incfile offer free LLC formation?

Answer: Incfile offers a basic LLC formation package for free, but you still have to pay state fees. They make money through upselling additional services.

7. What sets Rocket Lawyer apart?

Answer: Rocket Lawyer offers a broader range of legal services beyond LLC formation, making it a one-stop shop for various legal needs.

8. Why is Northwest Registered Agent more expensive?

Answer: They offer more personalized customer service, which justifies the higher cost according to some users.

9. Is customer service important when choosing an LLC filing service?

Answer: Yes, good customer service can help guide you through the complex process of LLC formation.

10. Are there any hidden fees to be wary of?

Answer: Yes, some services may have additional charges or upsell additional features, so read the terms carefully.

11. Do these services help with state fees?

Answer: No, state fees are generally not included in the service packages and must be paid separately.

12. Do any of these services offer ongoing compliance help?

Answer: Yes, services like LegalZoom and ZenBusiness offer ongoing compliance packages for an additional fee.

13. Can these services act as a registered agent?

Answer: Yes, most of these services offer registered agent services, often at an additional cost.

14. Do any of these services offer legal advice?

Answer: Generally, these services do not offer legal advice but provide legal document preparation services.

15. How quickly can these services form an LLC?

Answer: It varies by state and by service, but generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

16. Is it easy to cancel or change my LLC once it’s been formed?

Answer: Making changes to an LLC once it’s been formed can be complicated and may require additional paperwork and fees.

17. Do I need a lawyer if I use an LLC filing service?

Answer: While not required, consulting with a lawyer can provide you with personalized legal advice that an online service can’t offer.

18. Do these services help with Employer Identification Numbers (EIN)?

Answer: Many do offer EIN retrieval as an additional service.

19. Are there any disadvantages to forming an LLC online?

Answer: The main disadvantage is the lack of personalized legal advice.

20. Can I form an LLC if I’m not a U.S. resident?

Answer: Yes, most states allow non-residents to form an LLC, but requirements may vary.

21. How do I know which state to file in?

Answer: Most businesses file in their home state, but some choose to file in states with more favorable business laws like Delaware.

22. What is a Registered Agent?

Answer: A Registered Agent is a person or entity authorized to receive legal papers on behalf of the LLC.

23. Can I act as my own Registered Agent?

Answer: Yes, in most states you can act as your own Registered Agent, but there are pros and cons to consider.

24. What additional services should I consider?

Answer: Operating agreements, EIN retrieval, and ongoing compliance are commonly sought after.

25. Are all Reddit recommendations up-to-date?

Answer: The recommendations can be outdated, so it’s always good to verify the current status of any service.

26. Are there any services specifically for non-U.S. residents?

Answer: Some services specialize in helping non-U.S. residents form an LLC.

27. What is an operating agreement?

Answer: An operating agreement outlines the ownership and operating procedures of the LLC.

28. Do I need to renew my LLC each year?

Answer: LLCs usually need to file an annual report but do not need to be “renewed” in the traditional sense.

29. Do I need a business bank account for my LLC?

Answer: Yes, it’s recommended to separate personal and business finances.

30. Can I change my LLC name later?

Answer: Yes, but it involves paperwork and may require a fee.

31. Can these services help me if I want to dissolve my LLC later?

Answer: Most of these services offer LLC dissolution packages for an additional fee.

32. Do I need to worry about local licenses and permits?

Answer: Yes, you will likely need additional local permits and licenses, which are usually not covered by these services.

33. Are there any tax benefits of forming an LLC?

Answer: LLCs offer flexibility in taxation but consult a tax advisor for specifics.

34. Do these services offer support for S-Corp or C-Corp structures?

Answer: Many of these services also offer support for forming S-Corps and C-Corps.

35. What payment methods do these services accept?

Answer: Most accept all major credit cards, and some accept PayPal.

36. Can I trust online reviews of these services?

Answer: Online reviews are a good starting point, but always do your own due diligence.

37. Is online LLC formation safe?

Answer: Most reputable services have secure websites, but always check for HTTPS and read their privacy policy.

38. What’s the return policy for these services?

Answer: Return policies vary, so read the terms and conditions carefully.

39. Can I form an LLC with multiple members through these services?

Answer: Yes, most of these services support multi-member LLC formation.

40. What happens after my LLC is formed?

Answer: Once the LLC is formed, you’ll receive your Articles of Organization and can then proceed with other business activities like opening a bank account.

I hope these FAQs give you a clearer understanding of what to expect when choosing an LLC filing service based on Reddit recommendations. Always do your own research and consider your unique needs when making a decision.

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