How Long Does TurboTax Take

How Long Does TurboTax Take? [See Here]

TurboTax is one of the most popular tax preparation software platforms available to consumers. It promises a user-friendly interface, quick processing times, and a variety of features to make filing taxes easier.

But how long does the entire process take when using TurboTax? This article will delve into various aspects to give you a comprehensive understanding.

Initialization and Software Installation

Time Required: 5-10 minutes

Before you can start entering your financial details, you’ll need to either download the TurboTax software or opt for the online version.

The installation process typically takes a few minutes, assuming you have a decent internet connection. The online version, however, requires no installation.

Setting up an Account

Time Required: 2-5 minutes

You’ll need to set up an account to start your tax preparation. This includes filling out some basic information like your name, email address, and creating a password.

Preliminary Questions

Time Required: 10-20 minutes

TurboTax will ask you a series of questions to understand your tax situation better. These questions cover your employment status, if you own a home, have children, or have made any large charitable donations, among other things.

Data Entry

Time Required: 1-3 hours (varies widely)

The most time-consuming aspect is entering all your financial data. The time this takes can vary significantly depending on the complexity of your financial situation. If you have multiple income sources, investments, or deductions to itemize, this process will take longer. TurboTax can import some of this data automatically if you’re using a W-2 form or have used the software in previous years, which can speed up the process.

Review and Error Check

Time Required: 20-40 minutes

After entering all the information, it’s crucial to review everything carefully. TurboTax has a built-in error detection feature that highlights any entries that seem to be mistakes, helping to catch any accidental errors or omissions.

State Taxes

Time Required: 20-40 minutes

If you’re in a state that requires you to file state taxes, you’ll spend additional time entering this information. TurboTax does a good job of importing relevant information from your federal tax return to your state tax return to save time.

Payment and E-filing

Time Required: 5-10 minutes

Once all data is entered and reviewed, you will proceed to the payment section. After payment is made, you can e-file your taxes directly through TurboTax. It typically takes just a few minutes to complete this process.

Waiting for Confirmation

Time Required: Up to 48 hours

After filing, it usually takes up to 48 hours to get an email confirmation from the IRS stating that your tax return has been accepted.

Receiving Your Tax Refund

Time Required: 1-3 weeks (E-file with Direct Deposit)

If you’re expecting a tax refund, the IRS generally takes about 21 days to process your return once it’s been accepted. However, this can vary depending on various factors, including any errors or the need for further review.

In Summary

The time you’ll spend using TurboTax can vary widely based on your specific circumstances. For a simple return, you might spend as little as 1-2 hours from start to finish. For more complex situations, it could take several hours spread over multiple days.

The waiting time for acceptance and refunds depends on IRS processing times but is generally reasonably quick.

Whatever the case, TurboTax aims to make the process as efficient as possible, without sacrificing accuracy or thoroughness.

How Long Does TurboTax Take

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40 Frequently Asked Questions About TurboTax

  1. Is TurboTax Easy to Use?
    • Yes, TurboTax is designed for a user-friendly experience, guiding you step-by-step through the tax-filing process.
  2. How Long Does It Take to Install TurboTax?
    • Typically, the software installation takes about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Can TurboTax Import Data from Previous Years?
    • Yes, TurboTax allows you to import data from prior years to streamline the current year’s filing.
  4. Is TurboTax Safe?
    • TurboTax uses high-level encryption to protect your data and has a secure system for online filing.
  5. How Long Does It Take to File Federal Taxes on TurboTax?
    • This can vary but generally ranges from 1-3 hours depending on the complexity of your financial situation.
  6. Do I Have to File State Taxes Separately?
    • TurboTax allows you to file both federal and state taxes, often importing information between the two to save time.
  7. What’s the Typical Wait Time for a Tax Refund with TurboTax?
    • Generally, it takes about 1-3 weeks after your tax return has been accepted by the IRS.
  8. Is the TurboTax Error Check Reliable?
    • While the TurboTax error check is thorough, it’s always a good idea to review your information manually as well.
  9. How Soon Will I Receive Confirmation After E-Filing?
    • Typically, you’ll receive email confirmation within 48 hours after filing.
  10. What If I Make a Mistake on My Filing?
    • TurboTax allows you to amend your tax returns after they have been filed.
  11. Can TurboTax Handle Investments and Property Taxes?
    • Yes, there are TurboTax versions specifically designed for more complicated financial scenarios like investments and property ownership.
  12. Is TurboTax Available for Mobile Devices?
    • Yes, there is a TurboTax app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  13. Can I File for an Extension Through TurboTax?
    • Yes, you can file for a federal tax extension directly through the software.
  14. Does TurboTax Offer Support or Customer Service?
    • Yes, TurboTax offers customer service and tax advice through chat and phone support.
  15. How Do I Pay for TurboTax Services?
    • You can pay using a credit card, debit card, or by using your tax refund, although the latter option incurs an additional fee.
  16. Are There Any Hidden Fees?
    • All fees should be disclosed, but make sure to read through all the options to understand the cost structure.
  17. Can TurboTax Help Me With Back Taxes?
    • TurboTax can help you file past years’ taxes, although you may need to download specific older versions of the software.
  18. Does TurboTax Save My Progress?
    • Yes, you can save your progress and return to your tax filing at a later time.
  19. Can I File Taxes for a Family Member?
    • Yes, you can create multiple returns under one TurboTax account.
  20. Does TurboTax Support Joint Filing for Married Couples?
    • Yes, you can file jointly if you’re married.
  21. How Accurate is the TurboTax Tax Refund Estimator?
    • The estimator is generally accurate but is not a guarantee. Your actual refund may vary.
  22. Does TurboTax Offer Audit Defense?
    • Yes, for an additional fee, you can purchase an Audit Defense service.
  23. Can International Users Use TurboTax?
    • TurboTax is primarily designed for U.S. tax law, although some versions accommodate expatriate tax situations.
  24. Can I File My State Taxes First?
    • It is generally recommended to complete your federal taxes first, as the information can be imported to your state tax return.
  25. Is TurboTax Compatible with MacOS?
    • Yes, TurboTax has a version compatible with MacOS.
  26. Is TurboTax Free?
    • There is a free version for simple tax situations, but more complex scenarios may require a paid version.
  27. What Are the System Requirements for TurboTax?
    • System requirements vary by version, but basic system requirements are listed on the TurboTax website.
  28. How Do I Update TurboTax to the Latest Version?
    • The software will usually prompt you to update, or you can do so manually through the ‘Help’ menu.
  29. Can I Share TurboTax With a Friend?
    • TurboTax licenses are generally for individual use and should not be shared.
  30. What is TurboTax Live?
    • TurboTax Live offers real-time help from tax experts as you go through the tax-filing process.
  31. Can TurboTax Help With Self-Employment Taxes?
    • Yes, there is a TurboTax Self-Employed version tailored for freelancers and small business owners.
  32. How Can I Check the Status of My Refund Through TurboTax?
    • You can check the status through the TurboTax website or app.
  33. Do I Have to Pay for TurboTax Immediately?
    • Payment is generally required before you can e-file your tax return.
  34. Does TurboTax Offer Military Discounts?
    • Yes, there are special editions and discounts available for military personnel.
  35. Is TurboTax Available in Spanish?
    • Yes, TurboTax offers a Spanish language option.
  36. What is the Deadline for Filing Taxes with TurboTax?
    • The deadline aligns with the IRS tax deadline, typically April 15th, unless you file for an extension.
  37. Can I File Previous Years’ Taxes with TurboTax?
    • Yes, you can access and download older versions of TurboTax to file for previous years.
  38. Does TurboTax Offer Help for Filing State Unemployment?
    • Yes, unemployment income can be reported and filed through TurboTax.
  39. What Happens if I Miss the Filing Deadline?
    • You can still file after the deadline but may be subject to penalties and interest.
  40. Can I Print My Tax Returns from TurboTax?
    • Yes, you can print a copy of your completed tax returns for your records.

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