Inc Authority: A Comprehensive Reddit Review

In the digital age, online communities like Reddit have become invaluable resources for seeking reviews, feedback, and firsthand experiences.

When it comes to business services like those provided by Inc Authority, gleaning insights from user-generated content can offer a multi-dimensional view.

Reddit Review of Inc Authority

This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of Inc Authority based on the varied experiences and opinions shared by Reddit users.

About Inc Authority

Firstly, a quick introduction: Inc Authority is a company that offers business formation services, helping entrepreneurs establish LLCs, corporations, and other business entities.

They also provide related services, including business funding, tax planning, and more.

Reddit’s Perspective

Reddit, being the vast and diverse platform that it is, showcases a range of opinions.

Here’s a summary of the most frequently discussed points related to Inc Authority:

1. Price and Affordability

Many Redditors appreciate Inc Authority’s basic free tier, noting that it’s a cost-effective way for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. However, upsells and additional services come at a price, and some users felt these were too aggressively marketed.

2. Customer Service

The consensus on customer service seems to be a mixed bag. While some Redditors praise Inc Authority for its responsive and helpful staff, others felt the process was slow or encountered representatives who seemed uninformed.

3. Upselling and Sales Tactics

A recurring concern voiced on Reddit was about Inc Authority’s upselling techniques. After opting for the free LLC setup, many users felt bombarded with offers for additional services. Some appreciated the comprehensive service options, while others felt overwhelmed.

4. Efficiency and Turnaround Time

Many users commended the straightforward and efficient process of getting their business set up. They felt that Inc Authority provided clear instructions and timely delivery, especially when compared to navigating the process independently.

5. Trustworthiness

Despite some concerns about upselling, many Redditors acknowledged the legitimacy of Inc Authority. Several users successfully formed their businesses and felt the company was a reliable service provider.

6. Comparisons to Other Services

Reddit is replete with comparisons between Inc Authority and other similar services. Some users preferred platforms like LegalZoom or ZenBusiness due to their brand reputation or specific features. However, Inc Authority’s free tier makes it stand out for many budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

7. Value-Added Services

Services like business planning, tax consultations, and credit partnerships are highlighted as beneficial by some users. Yet, as with most offerings, the perceived value varies among Redditors. Some see them as essential, while others deem them unnecessary.


Based on Reddit reviews, Inc Authority seems to offer a legitimate and valuable service, particularly with its basic free tier for business formation.

However, potential clients should be prepared for upselling tactics and might consider researching additional services in-depth before purchasing.

Always remember, online reviews, whether on Reddit or elsewhere, represent individual experiences and opinions.

It’s essential to consider them in context and, when making decisions, take into account a broader range of information and perspectives.

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Inc Authority on Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Inc Authority?

  • Inc Authority is a company offering business formation services, including LLC and corporation setups, along with related services.

2. Is Inc Authority legit?

  • Yes, based on many Reddit reviews, Inc Authority is a legitimate company that has helped entrepreneurs set up their businesses.

3. How does Inc Authority’s free tier work?

  • Inc Authority provides a basic business formation package for free, making money by offering additional services and upsells.

4. How do Redditors feel about the upselling tactics of Inc Authority?

  • Opinions on Reddit are mixed. Some appreciate the comprehensive service options, while others feel overwhelmed by the upsells.

5. How does Inc Authority compare to LegalZoom or ZenBusiness according to Reddit?

  • Comparisons on Reddit highlight the free tier of Inc Authority, whereas platforms like LegalZoom or ZenBusiness might offer different features or have a different brand reputation.

6. What about the customer service of Inc Authority?

  • Reddit reviews vary, with some praising their responsive support while others mention slower processes or uninformed representatives.

7. Do Redditors think the additional services offered by Inc Authority are worth it?

  • It’s a mix. Some see value-added services as beneficial, while others consider them unnecessary.

8. Has anyone on Reddit experienced hidden charges with Inc Authority?

  • Most Redditors highlight the upselling tactics, but explicit mentions of “hidden charges” vary.

9. How efficient is Inc Authority’s service according to Reddit reviews?

  • Many users on Reddit commend the straightforwardness and timeliness of their service.

10. Is Inc Authority recommended for first-time entrepreneurs on Reddit?

  • Due to its free tier, many Redditors consider it a cost-effective option for newcomers.

11. How frequently is Inc Authority mentioned on Reddit?

  • It’s mentioned in various entrepreneur and business-related subreddits but always best to do a recent search for the most updated mentions.

12. Are there any notable success stories linked with Inc Authority on Reddit?

  • Several Redditors have shared positive experiences, but as with all reviews, individual outcomes can vary.

13. Do Redditors think Inc Authority’s tax consultation services are beneficial?

  • Opinions vary, with some finding it helpful and others opting to consult with independent tax professionals.

14. Are there any negative reviews of Inc Authority on Reddit?

  • As with all services, there are both positive and negative reviews, reflecting varied user experiences.

15. What’s the general consensus on Inc Authority’s turnaround time on Reddit?

  • Most users seem satisfied, noting that Inc Authority provides clear instructions and timely delivery.

16. Do Redditors feel that Inc Authority provides clear instructions throughout the process?

  • Yes, one of the often-praised aspects is their clarity in guiding users through business formation.

17. How do users on Reddit rate Inc Authority’s platform usability?

  • General feedback suggests the platform is user-friendly and intuitive.

18. Are there any discount codes or offers for Inc Authority mentioned on Reddit?

  • Offers and discounts vary, so it’s best to check current mentions on Reddit for the most recent deals.

19. Do Redditors discuss the credit partnerships offered by Inc Authority?

  • Yes, some users have discussed and reviewed these partnerships, with mixed feedback.

20. What’s the feedback on Inc Authority’s business planning services on Reddit?

  • Some users find it beneficial, especially those new to entrepreneurship, while others prefer bespoke solutions.

21. Is there a dedicated subreddit for Inc Authority reviews?

  • As of now, there isn’t a dedicated subreddit, but reviews are scattered across multiple business and entrepreneur subreddits.

22. How do Redditors rate Inc Authority against DIY business formation?

  • The convenience of Inc Authority is often highlighted, but some experienced entrepreneurs prefer the DIY route.

23. Are there any mentions of Inc Authority helping with international business formations on Reddit?

  • Most mentions relate to US-based formations, but it’s always good to search for specific queries.

24. What do Redditors say about Inc Authority’s reputation?

  • In general, the company has a positive reputation, but as with any service, there are both proponents and detractors.

25. Is the Inc Authority dashboard user-friendly according to Reddit reviews?

  • Yes, many users find their online dashboard easy to navigate and manage.

26. Are there any discussions on Reddit about Inc Authority handling state-specific requirements?

  • Yes, various threads discuss the nuances of state-specific requirements, with many praising Inc Authority’s expertise in this area.

27. How do Redditors feel about Inc Authority’s annual compliance services?

  • Reviews are mixed, with some appreciating the convenience and others preferring to handle compliance independently.

28. Are there any discussions about Inc Authority’s renewal fees on Reddit?

  • Yes, some threads discuss renewal fees, with feedback varying based on individual experiences.

29. Do Redditors discuss the cancellation process with Inc Authority?

  • A few threads touch on this, suggesting the process is straightforward but best to confirm with recent reviews.

30. How does Inc Authority handle changes or corrections according to Reddit feedback?

  • Generally, they’re noted to be responsive, but turnaround times can vary.

31. Are there mentions of Inc Authority’s expertise in specific industries on Reddit?

  • While most reviews are general, some threads delve into industry-specific queries.

32. Do Redditors discuss any data privacy concerns with Inc Authority?

  • Data privacy is a recurring concern across platforms, and some threads touch on this topic concerning Inc Authority.

33. How often is Inc Authority updated with new features, according to Reddit?

  • Periodic updates are mentioned, but real-time feedback would require a recent search.

34. Do Redditors find value in Inc Authority’s newsletter or content resources?

  • Some users appreciate the insights, while others opt out of the newsletter.

35. What’s the feedback on Inc Authority’s partner or affiliate program on Reddit?

  • Few threads discuss this, with varying opinions on its value.

36. Are there discussions about Inc Authority’s handling of state-specific fees on Reddit?

  • Yes, and the general sentiment is that they’re transparent about these fees.

37. How do Redditors rate the educational resources provided by Inc Authority?

  • Many find them helpful, especially beginners looking to understand business formation nuances.

38. Are there mentions of Inc Authority handling complex business structures on Reddit?

  • Most reviews pertain to basic structures, but some threads delve into more complex setups.

39. How do Redditors feel about Inc Authority’s pricing transparency?

  • While the free tier is appreciated, there are mixed feelings about the clarity of pricing for additional services.

40. Finally, would Redditors recommend Inc Authority to a friend or colleague?

  • Based on the majority of reviews, many would, but as always, individual experiences and preferences play a significant role.

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