Inc Authority vs. IncFile: A Comprehensive Comparison

When starting a business, selecting a trustworthy service to help incorporate or form an LLC is crucial. Two popular options in the market are Inc Authority and IncFile. Both offer valuable services, but which one is right for you?

In this detailed comparison, we’ll explore their features, pricing, customer reviews, and more to help you make an informed decision.

1. Background and History:

Inc Authority: Founded in 1989, Inc Authority has been in the business for over three decades. Their primary goal is to make business formation affordable and straightforward for entrepreneurs.

IncFile: Established in 2004, IncFile has helped form more than 250,000 businesses. They pride themselves on providing simple, fast, and affordable services.

2. Services Offered:

Inc Authority:

  • Free business formation services (customer only pays state fees)
  • EIN/Tax Number obtaining
  • Business funding analysis
  • Business license report


  • Business formation
  • Annual compliance services
  • Business tax consultation
  • Registered agent services

3. Pricing:

Inc Authority: They stand out with a free starter package, where customers only pay state fees. However, for more advanced services, they have bundled packages ranging from $399 to $799.

IncFile: Their Silver package starts as a free service (excluding state fees). They also offer Gold ($149) and Platinum ($299) packages that come with additional features.

4. Turnaround Time:

Inc Authority: The processing time varies by state but generally takes between 1-2 weeks.

IncFile: IncFile has an edge with its processing speed, often completing orders within 1 week. However, expedited services can speed up the process even more.

5. Customer Reviews:

Inc Authority: Most customer reviews highlight their efficient customer service and the value provided, especially considering their free starter package.

IncFile: Customers appreciate IncFile for its affordability and ease of use. Some reviews also mention their efficient registered agent services.

6. Registered Agent Services:

Inc Authority: They offer a year of free registered agent services. After the first year, the cost is $99 annually.

IncFile: IncFile also provides a year of free registered agent services. Their annual fee post the first year is slightly higher at $119.

7. User Interface and Experience:

Inc Authority: Their website is user-friendly, with clear directions and a helpful support chat. The dashboard is straightforward, making it easy for users to track order status.

IncFile: IncFile’s website is modern and intuitive, allowing users to navigate services easily. Their client dashboard provides a clear view of the company’s standing, reminders, and order statuses.

8. Additional Features:

Inc Authority:

  • Business credit and funding evaluation
  • Business plan services
  • Trust and estate planning


  • Access to tax professionals
  • Online access to incorporation documents
  • Domain and website services

9. Customer Support:

Inc Authority: They offer phone and email support. Their support team is praised for being knowledgeable and responsive.

IncFile: Apart from phone and email support, IncFile also provides a useful FAQ section, addressing common concerns and questions.


10. Final Verdict:

Inc Authority is a great choice for those looking for comprehensive services and a longer-standing reputation. Their free starter package is a significant attraction, making them an excellent option for entrepreneurs on a tight budget.

On the other hand, IncFile shines with its quick turnaround time and user-friendly interface. Their free incorporation services (excluding state fees) and added features make them a valuable contender.

Ultimately, the right choice between Inc Authority and IncFile boils down to individual business needs, preferences, and budget considerations. Both companies offer value-packed services that can be beneficial for various business setups.

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FAQs: Inc Authority vs. IncFile

  1. What is the primary service of both Inc Authority and IncFile?
    Both companies specialize in business formation services, assisting entrepreneurs in establishing LLCs, corporations, and other business entities.
  2. How long has Inc Authority been in the business?
    Inc Authority was founded in 1989.
  3. How many businesses has IncFile helped form?
    IncFile has assisted in the formation of over 250,000 businesses.
  4. Does Inc Authority offer a free business formation package?
    Yes, Inc Authority offers a free starter package where customers only pay the state fees.
  5. How much does IncFile charge for its basic business formation package?
    IncFile’s Silver package starts as a free service, excluding state fees.
  6. How long does it typically take for Inc Authority to process an order?
    The processing time varies by state, but generally, it takes between 1-2 weeks.
  7. What is IncFile’s average processing time?
    IncFile usually completes orders within 1 week, with expedited services available for quicker processing.
  8. Who offers free registered agent services for the first year?
    Both Inc Authority and IncFile offer free registered agent services for the first year.
  9. What is the annual fee for registered agent services with Inc Authority after the first year?
    Inc Authority charges $99 annually after the first year.
  10. How much does IncFile charge for registered agent services post the first year?
    IncFile charges $119 annually after the first free year.
  11. Does Inc Authority offer business plan services?
    Yes, Inc Authority provides business plan services.
  12. Can I get access to tax professionals with IncFile?
    Yes, IncFile offers access to tax professionals.
  13. Which company offers a business funding analysis?
    Inc Authority offers a business funding analysis.
  14. Does IncFile provide online access to incorporation documents?
    Yes, IncFile provides online access to all your incorporation documents.
  15. Which company has a longer-standing reputation in the market?
    Inc Authority has been in the market longer than IncFile.
  16. Are there any other costs associated with the free packages besides state fees?
    No, the primary additional cost with the free packages is the state fees.
  17. Do both companies offer support for annual compliance?
    Yes, both companies provide services related to annual compliance.
  18. Can I get domain and website services with IncFile?
    Yes, IncFile offers domain registration and website-related services.
  19. Does Inc Authority offer trust and estate planning?
    Yes, Inc Authority provides trust and estate planning services.
  20. How user-friendly is Inc Authority’s website?
    Inc Authority’s website is considered user-friendly, with a clear dashboard and support chat.
  21. How do customer reviews generally rate IncFile’s registered agent services?
    Customers tend to appreciate IncFile’s efficient registered agent services.
  22. What’s the primary difference in their pricing models?
    While both offer free options, Inc Authority focuses on bundled advanced packages, while IncFile provides tiered packages based on additional features.
  23. Which company provides a business license report?
    Inc Authority offers a business license report.
  24. Does IncFile offer a business tax consultation?
    Yes, IncFile provides business tax consultation services.
  25. Can I get business credit and funding evaluation with IncFile?
    No, this specific service is offered by Inc Authority.
  26. Is it easy to track order status on IncFile’s platform?
    Yes, IncFile’s client dashboard provides a clear view of order statuses, reminders, and more.
  27. How do the two companies compare in terms of customer support?
    Both offer phone and email support, but IncFile also boasts a comprehensive FAQ section.
  28. Does Inc Authority have any partnerships or affiliations with banks or financial institutions?
    Inc Authority offers business funding analysis, but specific affiliations should be verified directly with the company.
  29. Which company offers faster expedited services?
    While both offer expedited services, IncFile is generally known for quicker processing times.
  30. Do either of the companies offer discounts or promotions?
    Both companies might run promotions or discounts from time to time. It’s best to check their respective websites or contact their customer service for current offers.
  31. Which company is better for larger businesses vs. startups?
    Both cater to a range of businesses, from startups to larger entities, but startups might find value in the free offerings and bundled services.
  32. Do they provide services for non-profit formation?
    Yes, both Inc Authority and IncFile offer non-profit formation services.
  33. Which company offers a better user experience according to customer reviews?
    Both companies receive positive feedback, but IncFile often gets praise for its modern and intuitive interface.
  34. Can I change my registered agent service to either company if I used a different service for business formation?
    Yes, both Inc Authority and IncFile allow you to use their registered agent services regardless of where you initially formed your business.
  35. Do they offer services for foreign qualifications?
    Yes, both companies provide services related to foreign qualifications.
  36. Can I get assistance with annual reports through these companies?
    Yes, both Inc Authority and IncFile offer assistance with filing annual reports.
  37. Which company offers a more straightforward cancellation policy?
    Cancellation policies can vary, and it’s recommended to directly check with the company before making a decision.
  38. Do both companies handle state-specific compliance requirements?
    Yes, both Inc Authority and IncFile are equipped to handle state-specific compliance requirements.
  39. Which company is recommended for more personalized business formation advice?
    Both companies provide valuable advice, but specific needs might determine the best fit. Consider consulting with customer service representatives from both companies to gauge the level of personalization.
  40. What if I need additional legal advice beyond business formation?
    Neither company is a substitute for legal counsel. If you require extensive legal advice, consider consulting with an attorney.

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