Inc Authority vs. LegalZoom

When it comes to forming a business, entrepreneurs often seek the assistance of online legal service providers.

Two of the most prominent names in this field are Inc Authority and LegalZoom.

This article provides a detailed comparison of both companies, delving into their services, pricing, customer support, and more.

1. Overview

Inc Authority

Inc Authority is an online legal service specializing in business formation, including LLCs, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Established in 1989, they offer free formation services, excluding state fees, and provide additional paid packages for more extensive services.


LegalZoom, founded in 2001, is one of the most recognized names in the online legal industry. Beyond business formation, LegalZoom offers a wide array of legal services for individuals and businesses.

2. Services

Inc Authority

  • Business Formation: Free LLC and corporation formation.
  • Registered Agent: Free for the first year.
  • Business Planning: Comprehensive business planning and strategies.
  • Funding Analysis: Assessment and guidance on business funding.


  • Business Formation: Formation of LLCs, corporations, non-profits, and more.
  • Registered Agent: Available at an additional cost.
  • Wills and Trusts: Extensive personal legal services.
  • Intellectual Property: Assistance with patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

3. Pricing

Inc Authority

  • Free Package: Includes basic business formation.
  • Paid Packages: Starting at $399 plus state fees for added features like an EIN, operating agreement, etc.
  • Additional Services: Customizable depending on needs.


  • Basic Package: Starting at $79 plus state fees for LLC formation.
  • Standard and Express Packages: Varied pricing for different needs.
  • Monthly Legal Plans: Subscription-based legal advice and services.

4. Customer Support

Inc Authority

  • Phone Support: Available during regular business hours.
  • Email Support: Available for queries and assistance.
  • Live Chat: Available on the website.


  • Phone Support: Extended hours, including weekends.
  • Email Support: Available for assistance.
  • FAQ Section: Comprehensive answers to common questions.

5. User Experience

Inc Authority

  • Website: User-friendly and informative.
  • Order Tracking: Easy tracking of the order status.
  • Customer Reviews: Generally positive.


  • Website: Intuitive design with detailed information.
  • Order Process: Streamlined with guidance throughout.
  • Customer Reviews: Mixed reviews, with many praising the variety of services.

6. Unique Selling Points

Inc Authority

  • Free Formation Services: Attracts startups and small businesses.
  • Personalized Customer Service: Dedicated support for individualized needs.


  • Wide Range of Services: Suitable for both individual and business needs.
  • Monthly Subscription Plans: Ongoing legal support for various legal matters.

7. Conclusion

Inc Authority

  • Ideal for: Entrepreneurs seeking free basic formation services and potential one-on-one support.
  • Not Suitable for: Those seeking a broad array of ongoing legal services.


  • Ideal for: Individuals and businesses looking for a one-stop-shop for legal needs, beyond just business formation.
  • Not Suitable for: Those looking for the most budget-friendly basic business formation option.

Final Thought

Choosing between Inc Authority and LegalZoom depends on your specific needs and budget. If your focus is solely on business formation, particularly if you’re starting, Inc Authority’s free package might be appealing.

However, if you’re in need of diverse legal services, including personal legal matters, LegalZoom’s wide array of offerings might be more suitable.

Always consider the unique requirements of your business and the value each service provides in relation to the cost.

Consultation with a legal professional can also be a prudent step in making the most informed decision for your situation.

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LegalZoom vs. Inc Authority : FAQs

  1. What is Inc Authority?
    • Inc Authority is an online legal service that offers business formation services, including setting up LLCs, corporations, and non-profits.
  2. How does LegalZoom differ from Inc Authority?
    • LegalZoom provides a broader range of legal services, including wills, trusts, and intellectual property rights, in addition to business formation.
  3. Is the business formation service free with Inc Authority?
    • Yes, Inc Authority offers a basic business formation service for free, excluding state fees.
  4. How much does LegalZoom charge for business formation?
    • LegalZoom’s pricing starts at $79 plus state fees for basic LLC formation. The cost varies for other services and packages.
  5. Does Inc Authority offer Registered Agent services?
    • Yes, they provide Registered Agent services free for the first year.
  6. How does LegalZoom’s customer support compare to Inc Authority’s?
    • LegalZoom offers phone support with extended hours, including weekends, while Inc Authority provides phone support during regular business hours.
  7. Can I get help with intellectual property issues at Inc Authority?
    • Inc Authority primarily focuses on business formation. For extensive intellectual property services, LegalZoom might be more suitable.
  8. What kind of user reviews do Inc Authority and LegalZoom have?
    • Both platforms have a mix of reviews, but generally, Inc Authority receives positive feedback for its business formation services, while LegalZoom gets reviews for its comprehensive service range.
  9. Do both companies provide assistance with non-profit formation?
    • Yes, both Inc Authority and LegalZoom offer services to help establish non-profits.
  10. Are there any hidden fees with Inc Authority’s free business formation service?
  • While the basic service is free, state fees and additional services come at an extra cost.
  1. Can I get ongoing legal advice from LegalZoom?
  • Yes, LegalZoom offers monthly subscription plans that provide ongoing legal support.
  1. Is there a money-back guarantee with either service?
  • LegalZoom offers a satisfaction guarantee. It’s best to check both platforms for their latest terms.
  1. Which service is better for entrepreneurs on a tight budget?
  • Inc Authority might be preferable for those looking for free basic business formation. However, additional services will have associated costs.
  1. How long have Inc Authority and LegalZoom been in business?
  • Inc Authority was established in 1989, while LegalZoom was founded in 2001.
  1. Do they provide services for international clients?
  • Both companies cater primarily to U.S. clients, but it’s best to reach out to them directly for specific international inquiries.
  1. How long does the business formation process take with each platform?
  • The duration varies by state and the package chosen. Both companies strive to process orders efficiently, but expedited services may come at an additional cost.
  1. Can I draft an operating agreement with both Inc Authority and LegalZoom?
  • Yes, both services offer assistance with creating operating agreements.
  1. Do they help with annual compliance and reports?
  • Both platforms offer services related to annual compliance, though there may be varying fees.
  1. Is my personal information secure with these online services?
  • Both Inc Authority and LegalZoom emphasize the security and privacy of user data. They employ security measures to protect client information.
  1. Can I form any type of business entity with these platforms?
  • Both platforms support the formation of popular entities like LLCs and corporations. It’s advisable to check their offerings for specific entity types.
  1. What additional services does Inc Authority provide beyond formation?
  • Inc Authority offers business planning, funding analysis, and more.
  1. Does LegalZoom handle trademark registration?
  • Yes, LegalZoom provides services related to trademarks, patents, and copyrights.
  1. Can I change my business type later on using these platforms?
  • Both Inc Authority and LegalZoom offer services related to business modifications and conversions.
  1. Is there a discount for bundling services?
  • Both companies offer packages that may provide cost savings compared to ordering services individually.
  1. Do these platforms have a referral or affiliate program?
  • Many such platforms do offer affiliate programs. It’s best to check their respective websites for the latest details.
  1. How do these services stay updated with changing state laws?
  • Both companies have teams that monitor changes in state regulations to ensure their services remain compliant.
  1. Do they offer any educational resources for new entrepreneurs?
  • Both Inc Authority and LegalZoom provide educational content, including articles and guides, to assist entrepreneurs.
  1. How do I track the status of my order with both platforms?
  • Both platforms offer order tracking features through their websites.
  1. Are there any industries or business types they won’t serve?
  • There may be restrictions based on state regulations or company policies. It’s recommended to check with the service provider directly.
  1. Do they provide tax-related services or advice?
  • While both platforms might assist with tax-related documentation as part of business formation, for detailed tax advice, consulting a tax professional is recommended.
  1. Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?
  • Order cancellation policies may vary. Clients should check the terms of service or contact customer support.
  1. Is there a difference in the quality of the documents provided?
  • Both companies aim to provide high-quality, compliant documents. The specific content and presentation might vary between the two.
  1. How do renewal services work for each platform?
  • Both platforms offer renewal services, often with reminders. Costs and processes might differ.
  1. What happens if there’s a mistake in my paperwork?
  • Both companies have processes to address and correct errors. Reach out to their customer support for assistance.
  1. Do they offer support for ongoing business operations, like hiring or contracts?
  • LegalZoom offers a broader range of legal services, including contract drafting. Inc Authority focuses primarily on business formation and related services.
  1. How do these platforms compare in terms of speed?
  • The speed of service can vary based on the chosen package, state of formation, and other factors. Both strive for timely service delivery.
  1. Do they have partnerships with other service providers?
  • Both Inc Authority and LegalZoom have partnerships or affiliations with other service providers to offer additional value to clients.
  1. Can I switch from one service to another later on?
  • Yes, businesses can transition between service providers based on their needs. However, some processes or paperwork might be involved.
  1. How often do these platforms update their service offerings?
  • Both companies periodically review and update their services to stay current with legal requirements and customer needs.
  1. Where can I find more detailed user reviews for each platform?
  • User reviews can be found on their respective websites, third-party review sites, and business forums.

Remember, while both Inc Authority and LegalZoom offer valuable services, it’s crucial to evaluate your specific needs and consult with a legal professional if required.

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