Is Inc Authority Good for LLC/BUSINESS – A Reddit User Examination

Incorporating a business is a critical step in its evolution. For budding entrepreneurs, the myriad of paperwork, legal jargon, and administrative tasks can be daunting.

That’s where incorporation services like Inc Authority step in. They promise ease, quick turnaround times, and the assurance of getting it right.

But is Inc Authority actually a good choice? Let’s delve into a detailed analysis.

What is Inc Authority?

Inc Authority is an incorporation service provider that assists businesses in setting up their legal structure, be it an LLC, Corporation, or any other entity.

Beyond just the basic registration, they offer an array of services, including obtaining an EIN, creating operating agreements, and providing registered agent services.

The Advantages of Inc Authority

Complimentary Basic Service: Unlike many other incorporation services, Inc Authority offers a free starter package, wherein they’ll set up your business entity without charging for their service. However, state fees do apply.

Customized Packages: They offer a range of packages tailored to various needs, allowing businesses to select services based on their requirements and budget.

Customer Service: Reviews frequently cite the company’s exceptional customer service, noting the ease of communication and prompt responses.

Educative Resources: Their website is stocked with educational materials to assist entrepreneurs in understanding the incorporation process and its implications.

Additional Services: Beyond incorporation, they provide services like business funding analysis, which can be invaluable for startups seeking initial capital.

Points of Concern

Upselling: While the basic service might be free, some users have reported aggressive upselling techniques for add-on services.

State Fees: It’s essential to remember that while their service might be free, state incorporation fees still apply and can vary considerably depending on the jurisdiction.

Turnaround Time: Although Inc Authority offers quick services, the actual time can depend on the state. Some users have reported delays, though this could be more attributed to state agencies than Inc Authority itself.

Comparison to Other Services

When stacked against competitors like LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer, Inc Authority stands out primarily because of its free offering.

While all three have solid reputations, the zero service fee for basic incorporation is a unique selling proposition for Inc Authority.

However, for those looking for comprehensive legal services beyond incorporation, platforms like LegalZoom might offer a broader scope.

The Verdict

Inc Authority is undoubtedly a solid choice for businesses, especially those on a tight budget or first-time entrepreneurs unfamiliar with the incorporation process.

Their free package, coupled with add-on services as needed, offers flexibility.

However, as with any service, potential users should be aware of what is truly necessary for their business and not be swayed by upselling tactics.

The occasional reported delays suggest that, if time-sensitive, one should incorporate ample buffer time.

In summary, while Inc Authority presents a plethora of advantages, it’s always recommended to conduct personalized research and possibly consult with a legal expert before making any final decisions.

FAQs on Inc Authority

  1. What is Inc Authority?
    • Inc Authority is a service that assists businesses in their incorporation process, whether setting up an LLC, Corporation, or another business entity.
  2. Does Inc Authority charge for its basic service?
    • No, Inc Authority offers a free starter package for basic incorporation services. However, state fees do apply.
  3. How does Inc Authority make money on the free plan?
    • They offer additional services and upgrades which are chargeable. Often, clients choose these additional services, generating revenue for Inc Authority.
  4. Is Inc Authority limited to any specific states?
    • Inc Authority offers its services across all 50 states in the U.S.
  5. How does Inc Authority’s pricing compare with competitors?
    • Inc Authority stands out due to its free basic incorporation service, which many competitors do not offer.
  6. What other services does Inc Authority provide?
    • Beyond basic incorporation, they offer EIN procurement, operating agreements, business licensing, and funding analysis.
  7. Does Inc Authority assist with EIN registration?
    • Yes, they do provide EIN registration as part of their service offerings.
  8. Are there any hidden fees with Inc Authority?
    • The basic service is free, but state fees and any additional services will have associated costs.
  9. What do reviews generally say about Inc Authority?
    • Reviews often highlight their exceptional customer service and the ease of the incorporation process.
  10. Is the upselling by Inc Authority aggressive?
  • Some users have reported upselling tactics for add-on services, so it’s advisable to be clear about what you need.
  1. Do they provide a registered agent service?
  • Yes, Inc Authority offers registered agent services as one of their add-on offerings.
  1. How long does the incorporation process take with Inc Authority?
  • The actual time can vary based on the state, but they generally offer quick services.
  1. Can Inc Authority help with annual report filings?
  • Yes, they offer assistance with annual compliance and report filings.
  1. Do I get any physical documents with their service?
  • Depending on the package chosen, you may receive physical copies of your documents.
  1. Is there customer support available for questions or concerns?
  • Yes, Inc Authority prides itself on its customer service and is available to address any questions.
  1. Can I form a non-profit corporation with Inc Authority?
  • Yes, they provide services to set up a non-profit corporation.
  1. How does Inc Authority handle data privacy?
  • Inc Authority states that they prioritize customer privacy and have measures in place to secure data.
  1. Can I track my order with Inc Authority?
  • Yes, they provide an order tracking facility on their website.
  1. Does Inc Authority offer any guarantees?
  • They do have a satisfaction guarantee policy which clients can inquire about.
  1. Is Inc Authority a law firm?
  • No, they are not a law firm but provide legal document services related to business incorporation.
  1. Can Inc Authority help with business licenses?
  • Yes, they offer business license services.
  1. What payment methods does Inc Authority accept?
  • They accept major credit cards and other standard payment methods.
  1. Do they offer services for international clients?
  • Yes, they offer services for U.S. business incorporation even if you’re based internationally.
  1. Does Inc Authority provide guidance on which entity type is best?
  • Yes, their team can offer guidance on whether an LLC, Corporation, or another entity might be the best fit.
  1. What’s the difference between Inc Authority and a traditional law firm?
  • Inc Authority focuses specifically on business incorporation and related services, whereas a traditional law firm offers a broader range of legal services.
  1. Are there any discounts or promotions available?
  • They occasionally have promotions or discounts which can be found on their website or through their customer service.
  1. How long has Inc Authority been in business?
  • Inc Authority has been in the incorporation service business for several years.
  1. Can I change my business entity type later if I use Inc Authority?
  • While Inc Authority can set up your desired business entity, changing it later would require a different process, which they can also assist with.
  1. Are there any recurring fees associated with Inc Authority?
  • Recurring fees would generally be tied to state compliance requirements or any subscribed services like registered agent services.
  1. Does Inc Authority have an affiliate or partner program?
  • Yes, they do have a partner program where affiliates can earn commissions.
  1. How do I cancel a service with Inc Authority?
  • You’d need to contact their customer service to discuss cancellation and any associated terms.
  1. Can Inc Authority assist with business name checks?
  • Yes, they can check business name availability as part of their services.
  1. Is there a money-back guarantee?
  • They offer a satisfaction guarantee, and specifics can be discussed directly with them.
  1. Can Inc Authority handle federal and state tax concerns?
  • While they assist with EIN registration, specific tax concerns would best be addressed with an accountant or tax professional.
  1. Are there any ongoing support or resources available post-incorporation?
  • Yes, Inc Authority provides ongoing support and has a range of educational resources for businesses.


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