Grip Guard as seen on NBC's Today Show [CLICK HERE] to Learn More
Available for $19.99 Includes Free Continental U.S. Shipping. – A portion of each sale is donated to Feeding America.
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      Please keep this information for future reference. 

      Please review all of the information provided on the website to understand the features, functions and uses. It’s also helpful to reference the website photos while reading the instructions below. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

      Your kit includes: Grip Guard with Conductive Stylus, Retractable Cord, Storage Pouch, Easy Clean Bag

      Grip GuardYour touch protector that allows you to avoid direct contact with many everyday surfaces. 

      To use, insert your thumb and fingers under finger holders as shown and slide the slide lock toward you to unlock.  Lift your fingers up to open and squeeze down to grasp objects or close.

      Please note that for convenience, the Grip Guard also has a second hidden locking system that keeps it partially closed when squeezed shut. Lifting up with your fingers overrides it.

      Always keep your Grip Guard closed and locked when not being used.

      Conductive Stylus – To activate touch screens and push buttons.  Please note that to be conductive for use on touch screens, any part of your hand needs to be in direct contact with the slider button or stylus shaft.

      Always use the stylus slider button to move the stylus in and out, not the stylus tip. The stylus locks in place when fully retracted and when slid into one of the two side slots. Always keep your stylus fully retracted and locked in place when not being used.

      Retractable Cord – To keep your Grip Guard handy when on the go.  Two clip options allow it to secure to belts or loops to have attached to you, your bag or backpack.

      Due to the length of the cord, please keep away from small children.

      Storage Pouch To keep your Grip Guard covered when not being used.  Use the slider to open and close to remove or store your Grip Guard. The opening on the side allows for the Cord to remain attached at all times if desired.

      Easy Clean Bag To keep your Grip Guard and Storage Pouch clean between uses.

      Suggested instructions are listed on the bag.

      It’s important to detach the Retractable Cord before cleaning your Grip Guard.

      The retractable cord can be surface cleaned but not submersed in any liquids as it could hurt its ability to function.