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      Remember when you could open doors, use a touch screen or push an elevator button without worry?

      That all seemed to change overnight. And when it did, we watched people struggle to find creative ways to navigate public spaces. If you’ve ever pulled your sleeve over your hand, or used your elbow, or contorted your body to avoid touching a doorknob, you know exactly what we mean. 

      As product innovators, we at Doozi Design wanted to find a solution to this universal problem.  

      Enter Grip Guard, a handy protector to help you navigate our “new normal”.  Grip Guard is the latest innovation from a team that has earned its stripes in the design and development of consumer products. We’re idea people. Creative thinkers, designers and problem-solvers. And we have a history of working smart, innovatively and fast to see a project through from ideation to completion. With a focus on functionality, design and value.  

      Doozi Design is available for your next development project. Find out more at doozidesign.com.