Why is TurboTax Making Me Pay

Why is TurboTax Making Me Pay? A Comprehensive Guide

Tax season can be stressful, but using software like TurboTax is supposed to make it easier.

That’s why many users are surprised when they’re hit with a fee at the end of what they thought would be a free process.

So, why is TurboTax making you pay? This article will explore the different reasons behind this common query, breaking down the fees and helping you understand when and why you may need to pay for TurboTax services.

Basic Overview

TurboTax offers a range of tax software, starting from a free edition aimed at simple tax situations, and extending to premium versions designed for self-employed individuals or those with more complex financial portfolios.

The decision of whether you need to pay or not often depends on the complexity of your tax situation and the TurboTax product you’re using.

TurboTax Editions:

  1. TurboTax Free Edition: For simple tax returns only.
  2. TurboTax Deluxe: Offers more deductions and tax credits.
  3. TurboTax Premier: Designed for investments and rental property.
  4. TurboTax Self-Employed: Specifically for independent contractors and freelancers.

Reasons Why You Might Have to Pay

Complexity of Your Tax Situation

  • Schedule C Filers: If you’re self-employed, you’ll likely need to file a Schedule C, which is not supported by the Free Edition.
  • Itemized Deductions: If you choose to itemize your deductions, you might need to upgrade to a paid version.
  • Multiple Sources of Income: Earning money from rentals, dividends, or a side gig could require a more advanced TurboTax version.

State Filing Fees

  • State Returns: TurboTax charges extra for state return preparation in some cases.

Additional Services

  • Audit Defense: TurboTax offers an additional paid service that provides guidance and representation in case of an audit.
  • Professional Review: For an extra fee, a tax professional will review your return.

Software Upgrades

  • Upgrading Mid-Process: Sometimes, while you’re filling out your forms, TurboTax might suggest an upgrade, which can be frustrating if you started with the Free Edition.

Hidden Fees

  • Payment With Federal Refund: If you opt to pay for TurboTax through your federal refund, there is an additional service fee.

How to Avoid Unwanted Fees

  1. Read Carefully: Make sure to read all terms and conditions.
  2. Review Your Order: Before completing your payment, review your order to make sure it only includes what you need.
  3. Skip Upgrades: Unless absolutely necessary, stick to the software version that best matches your tax situation.


TurboTax is a robust tool for handling your taxes, but it’s essential to understand its fee structure to avoid unexpected charges.

While the Free Edition can cover simple tax situations, various factors can make you ineligible for free filing. Being aware of these can save you from an unwelcome surprise at checkout.

Always remember that the “best” software is subjective and should fit your individual needs. Before opting for TurboTax, consider how its pricing structure aligns with your tax situation.

If you’re looking to minimize costs, consider consulting a tax advisor to explore other budget-friendly options.

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Why is TurboTax Making Me Pay

40 FAQs on “Why Is TurboTax Making Me Pay?”

1. Is TurboTax really free?

  • The TurboTax Free Edition is available for simple tax returns, but complex tax situations may require a paid version.

2. What is the cost of TurboTax Deluxe?

  • As of my last update in September 2021, the cost varies, but it typically ranges from $40 to $60.

3. Why did I get charged for TurboTax Free Edition?

  • You may have encountered a tax situation that required features not available in the Free Edition, prompting an upgrade to a paid version.

4. Are state returns free with TurboTax?

  • State returns may incur an additional fee, depending on the edition you’re using.

5. What is the Audit Defense fee?

  • Audit Defense is an optional service that provides expert guidance and representation in case of an audit. It is not included in the basic TurboTax packages.

6. Why was I charged an extra fee when using my federal refund for payment?

  • TurboTax charges an additional service fee if you opt to pay for their services through your federal refund.

7. What is Schedule C, and why does it cost extra?

  • Schedule C is for self-employed individuals, and it requires a more advanced version of TurboTax, which costs more.

8. Can I downgrade to a free version after choosing a paid version?

  • Downgrading can be difficult once you’ve added information that necessitates a paid version.

9. Are there hidden fees in TurboTax?

  • All fees should be disclosed, but they can be easy to overlook if you don’t carefully read through the terms and pricing.

10. Is professional review free?

  • No, professional review is an additional service and will cost extra.

11. How do I know which version I need?

  • TurboTax will recommend a version based on the information you input.

12. Do I need to pay for federal and state e-filing separately?

  • Yes, e-filing for state returns is usually an additional fee.

13. Why did the price go up while I was using the software?

  • As you add more complex tax information, TurboTax may suggest upgrading to a version that can handle that complexity.

14. Can I switch to another tax software without being charged?

  • You can switch, but you will be responsible for any work done in TurboTax.

15. Do I have to pay upfront?

  • Payment is typically required before you can e-file or print your tax return.

16. Is customer support free?

  • Basic customer support is usually free, but specialized tax help may cost extra.

17. Do they offer a military discount?

  • TurboTax has offered military discounts in the past, but you’ll need to check current policies.

18. Is the TurboTax mobile app free?

  • The app itself is free, but in-app purchases for different versions apply.

19. How do I avoid upgrade prompts?

  • There’s no surefire way to avoid them; TurboTax will prompt you to upgrade if it detects a need for more advanced features.

20. Are there any free alternatives to TurboTax?

  • Yes, there are several other tax software options that offer free editions, such as H&R Block and TaxAct.

21. Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy with the service?

  • TurboTax has a money-back guarantee, but terms and conditions apply.

22. Does TurboTax charge for amended returns?

  • Amending a return usually does not incur additional TurboTax fees, but you’ll need a version that supports amended returns.

23. What’s the fee for multiple state returns?

  • Each additional state return may require a separate fee.

24. Is there a fee for direct deposit?

  • No, there is typically no fee for choosing direct deposit for your refund.

25. Why do I need to pay for Schedule D?

  • Schedule D is for capital gains and losses, which requires a more advanced TurboTax edition.

26. Are updates free?

  • Yes, updates for the version you are using should be free.

27. What’s the charge for TurboTax Live?

  • TurboTax Live includes on-demand access to tax experts and costs more than the basic versions.

28. Does TurboTax offer a student discount?

  • Discounts vary; you’ll need to check current offers for students.

29. Is there a fee for importing last year’s tax return?

  • Importing the previous year’s tax data is usually a free feature.

30. Why am I being charged for W-2 import?

  • W-2 import is usually a free feature, but some complications could prompt an upgrade.

31. Can I pay the TurboTax fee with a credit card?

  • Yes, TurboTax allows payments through credit cards.

32. Are there international fees?

  • TurboTax is for U.S. taxpayers, and international use could be limited or cost extra.

33. Does TurboTax charge for EITC?

  • Claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit should not incur an extra fee if you are using the Free Edition.

34. Is there a monthly subscription fee?

  • TurboTax is generally not subscription-based; you pay per tax year.

35. Does TurboTax charge extra for forms like 1099-MISC?

  • Forms like 1099-MISC are usually supported in the higher-priced versions.

36. What if I need to file late?

  • Filing late won’t incur TurboTax fees, but you may face IRS penalties.

37. Do they charge for phone support?

  • Basic queries are usually free, but in-depth tax advice will likely cost more.

38. Is there a senior citizen discount?

  • Discounts may vary, and you’ll need to check the current offerings.

39. Does TurboTax offer payment plans?

  • As of my last update in 2021, TurboTax requires payment upfront before you can file.

40. Are there coupon codes to reduce the cost?

  • Yes, TurboTax occasionally offers promotional codes, but these vary by season and availability.

I hope this FAQ clears up why TurboTax might be making you pay and helps you make a more informed choice this tax season.

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